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How often should you change your Air Conditioning filter?

There are several things you have keep in mind in regards of changing your air conditioning filter just at the right time.

In general, you can say that you have to change your air conditioner filter when it is dirty.  Most of the producers say that it is best to change the filter every second month. If you for example suffer from allergies you might have to change them more often. Otherwise you don´t have to change it that often in a holiday home or in an area with good air and not a lot of cars.

But it can also depend on several other things:

What kind of A/C system do you have and which type of filter it requires?

Also it is important if you have pets like cats or dogs that lose hair and cause dust which goes into the A/C system.

The quality of the air in the city you live in (pollution or construction work in your neighborhood) and the number of people living in the house and using the same A/C system is another point. It really makes a difference if it is only you or 10 or more people.

Following some loose rules:

Holiday homes, single apartment, no pets, no allergies:  6-12 months

Typical home, no pets: 90 days

With dogs or cats: 60 days

More than one pet and/or allergies: 30-45 days


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